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accessible à tous.

Our promise

Over the years, some luxury goods have stood out for their historical resilience and their excellent risk/return ratio. Indeed, these "safe values" have outperformed many major asset classes, while maintaining a low level of risk. Unfortunately, these properties remain inaccessible to the general public for the following reasons:


By very construction, the price of these assets is very high. It is difficult, if not impossible for most investors to establish a diversification strategy on several assets, something that is essential when investing.

Scarcity of goods on the primary market

Luxury is a hard-to-reach niche market. This is even more true for new buyers who face very long waiting lists. For the most famous assets - therefore the most profitable - the wait can extend up to 10 years!

Risk of counterfeiting on the secondary market

Many investors then turn to the secondary market. Facing many counterfeits, stolen goods or prices that are often much too high, preventing any possibility of added value.

Ignorance of the market

All luxury assets are not equal, and therefore do not appreciate in the same way over time. For this reason, some expertise is required when selecting and purchasing properties.


In relation to their high purchase price, the assets have a rather low liquidity. Without collaboration with experts, resale processes can be very long and expensive.

Conservation & Maintenance

Investing in one or more luxury goods is one thing, but keeping them in good condition is another. Assets are generally fragile by nature and require meticulous storage and maintenance (particularly for wine and automobiles) to protect them against theft and ensure optimal value added.

Investing with Fractible

It is to respond to all these issues and finally to democratize the returns offered by luxury that we created Fractible. Investing with Fractible means effectively diversifying your assets thanks to our turnkey solution, without commitment, accessible from a few hundred euros. Luxury assets are powerful diversification tools thanks to historical returns and low correlation to other financial asset classes.

How it works ?

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Our trusted partner experts operate in specific luxury sectors and select assets with high return potential for you.


Select and then invest the amount of your choice in one or more assets. Receive your financial securities, whose returns are backed by each asset.


Keep your shares during the appreciation period, or resell them at any time to a third party.

The security of your investments is our priority

Fractible is a French savings solution operating in full compliance with the regulations in force and in collaboration with a specialized law firm. For greater security, the assets underlying the financial securities that we offer are kept by a specialized company, with dedicated all-risk insurance.

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A community

Joining our community on Discord means benefiting from a friendly discussion space, mutual assistance between investors and support in your investment journey.

A team

Fractible is above all a complementary and close-knit team.

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